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5 Best Places to Visit in Chennai, India

5 Best Places to Visit in Chennai, India

In Chennai, India you might not get that first impression every amazing city gives its visitors. This should however not result in a quick conclusion that Chennai isn’t a good place to visit. You will need to invest some little more time and effort to exploring Chennai than you did with many other cities.

Also, where you go to Chennai largely determines what you make out of the city of Chennai. This is why you have to visit these 5 best places to visit in Chennai to fully appreciate the city and make the most of your visit. You can also easily book Chennai hotel online at a very reasonable rate, one of the busiest city in India as millions of travelers roam here every year.

Chennai India
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1. Fort Saint George

Chennai up until recently was referred to as the city of Madras and Fort Saint George used to be the nucleus of that city. This fort is a British monument that has existed for years and as over time been refurbished. It not only is known for its attractive architecture but is used to remember the impact of Britain on India. Fort Saint George contains the popular Indian St. Mary’s church and his home to the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly of India.

2. Mylapore

Mylapore is a historic neighborhood that is located at Vinayaka Nagar Colony in Chennai. This region is often referred to as the soul of Chennai because of its many years of existence. The Brahmins are known to be the major occupants of Mylapore and are people who are known to have a very rich culture.

3. Madras High Court

Chennai, India
Photo by roadconnoisseur CC BY-SA 2.0

Located at High Court Road, Parry’s Corner at George Town, the Madras High Court has a very massive. The building of the Madras High Court is recorded to be one of the largest judicial building in the world. Its architecture and painted ceilings are distinctive features that make it very attractive to natives and visitors.

4. Vivekananda House

The Vivekananda house is located at Marina Beach Road, Neelam Basha – Triplicane. It is a building that is used in remembering one of India’s most revered spiritual scholars – Swami Vivekananda. This house is a place to visit when in Chennai because it showcases the life of Swami Vivekananda and the Indian culture as a whole. Originally built to keep ice, this 150-year-old building is maintained in its original Victorian style.

5. Theagaraya Nagar

The bargaining strength of natives of Chennai is top notch and very impressive. Theagaraya Nagar is a place where you can have a first-hand experience of this bargaining. Known to be the most crowded place in India, you can find almost anything you want to purchase at T. Nagar. Appreciate the beautiful culture of the Indian people, enjoy their music and purchase some of their items at Theagaraya Nagar.

Chennai, India
Photo by Adityan Ramkumar on Unsplash

Chennai might not be a city that looks amazing on the outside. However, when you dedicate your time to journey around the city of Chennai, you will be excited about the things and people there. Excitement is definitely one of the desires of every visitation.

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